19 January 2016

Influence of pheromones on you.
When u are wearing Hush-Hush Hosiery with phromones, u feel better, and people notice is.
As research proved, it have noting to do with placebo effect.
Becouse u apply pheromones on your skin, u inhale them aswell and becouse of that you are affected by them.
Pheromones excite and stimulate you, while you wear stockings or thights with pheromones u become (read more>>)

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is hosiery art?
15 January 2016

Everything begins with a vision of artificer in his head, only then, the process can begin.(read more>>) 


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Winter time
13 January 2016

Bare legs and short skirt time is over (at least in most of the Europe)

Winter is perfect time to wear stockings or tights (read more>>)

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New Hush-Hush website now live!
11 January, 2016

Welcome in New Year 2016!

New Year means changes and becouse of that we have a brand new design for our website!
We hope that you like new design as much as we do. read more>>

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